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Keys to Perfect Health

9 sessions to attain joy, peace, health, harmony, happiness and ralize your full potential

Keys to Perfect Health

Date: TBA


Price: 59.00 per class, 499.00 for entire program by Nov 1, and 850.00 after

Place: TBA


Ayurveda, literally the science of Longevity, finds its roots in ancient texts called Vedas, dating as much as 7000 years ago. Today it enjoys a reawakening as the world health community recognizes within it, the keys for finding and maintaining optimal health, vitality and balance, thus providing us with the energy to attain our highest fulfillment of……

 Joy, Peace, Success, Prosperity and Wisdom.

  11.14.2015  Intro To Ayurveda  1-4pm
   12.12.2015  Finding Health Harmony and Happiness Through Ayurveda  1-4pm
   1.9.2016  Healing Digestion: The Root of Health  1-4pm
   2.20.2016  Balancing Vata Dosha   1-4pm
   4.2.2016  Balancing Kapha Dosha   1-4pm
   5.14.2016  Attain Your Optimal Weight   1-4pm
   6.11.2016   Balance Pitta Dosha and Stay Cool!   1-4pm
   7.16.2016 Strengthening Your Immune System   1-4pm
   8. 6.2016  Realize Your Full Potential of Body, Mind and Spirit   1-4pm

 Each session can be taken as a stand alone class for $59.00. The entire program is $499.

 Location: The Washington Yoga Center, 4000
 Albermarle St. Suite 100, NW., DC

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